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Damn Gina

Hair Oil Highness

Hair Oil Highness

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Gina says

Things we like dry: Gin. Humour. Chickpeas (seriously, Yum!)
Things we don’t: Hair.
Which is why we magicked up this badass blend of natural ingredients, designed to take your hair from serf to sovereign in one go. Noice.

Introducing Hair Oil Highness, your new best friend, and no wonder – it’s Aussie made and fine as hell, much like Margot Robbie. It’s also lightweight, meaning your hair will be lush and glossy rather than lank and heavy.  And on top of all that, it’s super nourishing and helps your hair recover if it’s suffered a bit of damage.

The star of this blend is the glorious combo of Prickly Pear seed and Moringa Seed oils. Together  with some pure protein in the form of oil soluble silk, they offer a massive Vitamin E and Vitamin A boost, loving and caring for your hair while absorbing quickly and staying lightweight.

Perfection, basically!

Made in Melbourne, Australia. Tested only on humans.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gina Morris
Meet the queen

Rightly named Hair Oil Highness, this oil is the best I have ever tried - and believe me I have tried them all. The scent is light and divine, it spreads easily in my hands to run through my #fluffballtumbleweed hair, and stays lightweight while controlling my frizz. I add it to freshly styled hair, then add more each day until I wash. It’s the holy grail

Am I doing something wrong?

Even if I just spray a small amount into my hands and work it into my long hair, it still ends up looking greasy. I do have dark blonde hair, so maybe it's more obvious? It smells very fruity which is nice, but can also be a bit strong on a migraine day. I might just stick to putting it on the night before I wash my hair to give it some love, but I'm yet to figure out how to use it in the day.

I love it!

I have fine hair which is prone to frizz. This hair oil is so lightweight and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I apply the tiniest amount, one to two sprays on the palms of my hands, to the mid lengths and ends of my hair after washing, then apply the residue to the top. It leaves my hair soft, manageable and frizz free. As you only need a small amount, I can see the bottle lasting for ages. I am so happy with this amazing product! Thank you Gina xx

Alison McCarney
New GOAT hair product

I was super excited when I saw Damn Gina bring out their own oil, and next level excited when I read it contains protein. I have medium thickness, medium density, low porosity 2c-3a waves/curls and this oil completely exceeds my expectations. I use to seal my hair and remove the crunch at the end of wash day, but I also use it throughout the week to tame frizz and to refresh my curls. It's lightweight enough that I can use it daily. The smell is delicious. But the real game changer, for me, is the protein. It helps my curls maintain their shape post-wash day without weighing them down. I also use this occasionally on both of my children and it seems to be working well for both of them, too.
Magic, honestly. Completely worth the price, and a solid competitor for a new oil by a big brand that recently hit the market. I can't say enough good things about it!

Seeta Roy
Legit my HG of hair products

Having thick hair, you would think its thirsty AF but actually putting product and oils in it REALLY weighs it down. Not this little beauty though! Officially my new HG of hair oil. It smells divine, it makes my hair feel so soft and look so healthy (literally have been getting comments on how shiny my hair is) AND the ingredients are top notch. I am one of those googlers that look up all the ingredients in something before I buy it and Hair Oil Highness is chock FULL of goodness, particularly for curly hair. I love it! I have short hair at the moment so I only use a little on damp hair and it makes such a difference. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this exceeds my expectations

" Life Changing!"

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