be the definition of #hairgoals

damn gina


Hi, I’m Gina. I know I need no introduction, but I’ll do it anyway. I’m that person who is going to help you cancel out bad hair days.

But what might come as a surprise to you is my hair wasn’t always on fleek.

For years, I’d wake up each morning with frizzy, fluffy hair. I tried so many things to get it to behave. Masks. Oils. Treatments. Not to mention an ill-judged perm when I was 22 (please don’t ask, I’m still seeing a therapist about this).

But then I discovered the real MVP.



Or specifically, silk hair wraps.

Since sleeping with a silk hair wrap, my locks are bouncy and soft. I have less breakage, and it’s just all-around easier to manage my ‘do.

And, of course, I couldn’t just keep this to myself, which is why I created my signature range of silk hair wraps. Simple, stylish and made for every kind of mermaid.