what are your accessories made of?

All the Damn Gina accessories are made using natural 100% mulberry silk fabric, and the weave is satin - making it the softest, most luxurious fabric. Our silk turbans are made of organic cotton jersey top layer to give it a chic shape and to minimise the slip when turning and tossing in bed. The dyes are non-toxic, and our ivory range is a non-dyed, natural silk fabric. Please note the colours may look different depending on your device and screen. 

The products are made in India.


what does momme mean? How do I know your quality is better than others? 

Momme is the Japanese weight measurement unit and is used to measure the density of silk fabrics. Higher the momme number, the better and thicker the quality of silk. For example, a silk fabric that is 30.48 meters long (100 feet) and 1.1 meter wide weighed 12.2 kg (27 lbs), then it is considered as 27 momme. Higher the momme, the more luxurious and expensive the silk is. 


are your products silk or satin?

Trick question! Satin is not a type of fabric. Satin is a type of weave. Silk is a type of fabric that can have a satin weave. The common misconception when someone hears satin is - it must be cheap, and this is because polyester fabric with satin weave is shortened as satin. In reality, both silk and poly can have a satin weave. Damn Gina products are 100% natural silk products with a satin finish. 


product finish and colours

Damn Gina products are produced in small quantities using the natural silk fabric that is partially woven manually. The colours may differ slightly than the photos, and the fabric, finish is unique to each due to its nature (just like linen, cotton etc,) and that is a part of the charm. Please note ridges, slubs, knots and uneven surfaces are a part of natural yarn and are not considered faulty or damaged. 


ethical and social responsibility

Damn Gina works with a third-generation traditional silk-making family in India. We work with only natural fibres and do not use any synthetic fibres. All our products are bio-degradable and have a low carbon footprint. Our packaging is minimal and plastic-free on purpose. 

Our silk weavers and garment makers are paid above-average wages and are permanent staff of the manufacturing unit- and not just hourly wage workers. This ensures they are paid right, have the employer-sponsored insurance - in this case (ESI- employee state insurance which is 13% of their salary paid by the employer), a monthly report gets sent to the authorities on the working conditions and safety of these employees. The workers whom we address as artisans as working with silk is now a dying art also have PF(provident fund) that is compulsory and goes towards their retirement - is paid by the employer and that is 12% of their monthly salary. 

Every employee gets a yearly bonus during Deepavali (Indian festival of lights) 

The silk is natural, mulberry silk and is not vegan. 


can I get more details on shipping?

We currently offer free shipping on all orders above $75 within United States. For orders below $75, the shipping is calculated based on the state. We ship from Beverly, MA. Products are dispatched within 48 hours after the order is placed (excl weekends). The transit time varies from 3 to 10 days. Please note these times may vary due to COVID-19 and other external factors and is beyond our control. 

We do not take responsibility for lost, delayed or damaged parcels. We request you to double check your address as wrong address shipments are not our responsibility. If it comes back to us, we will charge to reship it or refund minus the shipping fee. However, we always try and assist our customers as much as possible in retrieving the lost parcel. 


what are your return and refund policies?

You can find our complete return and refund policy here



As a young brand, some of our new colours or sizes first go on pre-order to gauge the interest before production and shipping. This allows us to manufacture what is required and produce less wastage. Our products come from India. 

If you have ordered something that says pre-order, please note the timeline mentioned in the description. We aim to ship everything on or before the mentioned date - but sometimes, when things are beyond our control (COVID, lockdowns, etc., there can be a slight delay), we keep you updated regarding the same!

If you order multiples and one is a pre-order, note that we send all of them together, including the in-stock product. If you want something urgently and it is not a pre-order product, we suggest you put in separate orders. 


how to care for damn gina products?

Silk is a luxurious, delicate fabric (this is what makes it so good for skin and hair). To make them last longer, we recommend you use cold water to wash silk inside out by hand.

Use a mild detergent (even your shampoo will do), swish in cold water and flat dry it. Note that it is a natural fabric and does not hold on to smells. Silk is also naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, making it easy to clean. You can dry clean your silk products too. Do not bleach. Do not use hot water — iron - inside out at a low setting. 

The colours are vibrant and rich and can sometimes run. Please wash coloured products separately.