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bundle up and SAVE

arrogantly luxe sets for your version of #hairgoals.

just be warned that the world may not be ready for the level of confidence you will exude the morning after.

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Why Damn Gina?

  • Quality

    We use the highest quality 25 momme milberry silk to make our products

  • Fit

    Women have different hair textures, lengths, head shapes and sizes. Then why do we only see one size fits all hair wraps? We are kinda tired tbh seeing brands not put the minimal effort to make the products that actually work when it comes to curlcare. We are here to change that.

  • Functionality

    High quality silk, elastic only at the back (no more headaches with elastic on your forehead) drawstring to adjust according to your head size and cute enough to wear outdoors too!

  • Fun

    Curly hair accessories need to be fun, cute and colorful so more women can embrace their natural hair. We aim to bring the much needed fun to this sleepy party of beauty.