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Damn Gina

silk hair wrap 2.0

silk hair wrap 2.0

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Medium (20 inch) - Fits 20 - 22.5 inch head
Large (22 inch) - Fits 22 - 24.5 inch head
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Gina Says:

My award winning signature hair wrap 2.0 had a facelift! The new design has a drawstring along with the elastic, making it extra secure while you toss & turn this summer.

Let's face it - whilst a lucky few may be able to arise from their slumber with perfectly tousled waves, the rest of us awaken with frizzy, unruly locks. (Also who’s kidding? No one who says #WokeUpLikeThis - actually did.)

My signature silk wrap keeps your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free. The pure 100% silk inner gently cocoons your locks, protecting them from damage. Outside, the soft organic cotton  and the new added drawstring keeps your wrap in place and makes sure it doesn’t sneak out of your apartment before you wake up. 

Still need convincing? You’ll need to wash your hair less frequently and it’ll make your fancy blow dries last longer.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 302 reviews
silky smooth

I was very pleasantly surprised by how well this helps my hair stay soft and smooth and stays on my head. Curious as to whether it will be sustainable in summer when it's hot...but as for cooler months-works great.

Kiss my frizz goodbye!

The silk turban feels great and stops the frizz. I got the larger size because I don’t sleep well with anything tight on my body. if you want to wear it out (it’s beautiful) I would suggest the smaller size for looks.

Cynthia Lopez
Good quality but even the large was small on me

Good quality soft easy to wash but the small is too small for my head so I won't be returning it

Comfortable, but hard to keep on while sleeping.

First, my hair is fine textured and thinning, but long and slightly wavy. This was the first head wrap I tried and it did improve the texture and reduced breakage of my hair in the morning, but only if I kept adjusting it to stay on my head during the night. I wondered if the cotton vs. silk exterior made for more friction with the pillows and sheets so I tried another brand that had silk on both interior & exterior. The silk exterior helped, but it was still difficult to keep on. Ultimately, the thing that helped either wrap stay in place was wearing an eye mask. The eye mask acted as an anchor for the wrap and allowed me to sleep more.

Works well!

Works well enough and stays on my head better than others I’ve tried, but I really wish the ties were wider/not so small of fabric. They easily accidentally knot, and are not super comfortable when I have to pull them very tight. I think it would be more comfortable with extra wide silk ties instead of shoelace sized ones!
But- Love the colors, love the fabric selection. The inside silk seems to work on hair.

" Life Changing!"

That's what our customers are saying. Be your version of hair goals with our 25 momme silk hair wraps that come in two comfortable sizes and adjustable drawstrings.

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