why silk is so damn good for your hair?

why silk?
Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes all sorts of friction for your hair, leading to tangles, frizz and dried out ends. 
Gina’s signature silk hair accessories are created to nourish, protect and gently caress your hair while you sleep. Using the highest quality 27 momme - 100% mulberry silk, your ‘do is protected, leaving you with less frizz, split ends and the dreaded bed head - Which means way less maintenance in the morning (or an extra 15 minutes to sleep in).
With your hair all gently cocooned in the hair wrap made from 100% natural silk and organic cotton, the natural oils in your scalp have time to work their way from root to tip. These oils nourish, protect and condition your locks naturally. And because you don’t have oil just hanging out at the roots, you’ll have fewer greasy hair days.

Can I get a Hallelujah?
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