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Damn Gina

damn good silk pillowcase

damn good silk pillowcase

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20 IN X 30 IN - Standard Queen size, Envelope Closure
Gina says
O M Gina!
that's right. You will be saying my name every time you touch these pillowcases. 
Is there anything more luxurious than sleeping on silk? Go on. I will wait. 
My silk pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk that feels so soft to sleep on.
But they do so much more.
See, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase pulls at your skin and hair, leaving your face creased and hair all messy.
But with a soft silk pillowcase, your face glides across the surface like Michelle Kwan on an ice rink, protecting you from wrinkles and keeping your expensive night cream on your face all night. 

Pair with a silk hair wrap for the ultimate beauty sleep. Or grab one for your man to help him keep his skin in check (tell him Jay Z owns two).

    • 100% pure mulberry 25 momme silk fabric
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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Jacqueline Tudman
silky slips

We really enjoy sleeping on the silk pillowslips....thicker than many others, the green is better than I thought, and they are not so slippery that your head falls off! just smooth and cool. They never seem to be too hot, even on a hot night.


Deliciously satisfied with this purchase. I have been wanting one for a long time and this was worth the wait. Goodbye wrinkly and patterned skin in the morning. Hello fresh and soft morning skin! Feels delightful with my silk cap too! It’s a nice large size so that it fits any pillow too. I usually sleep with my silk cap but on the days I don’t this reduces frizz and feels lovely to fall asleep on. Colours true to the pictures. Love love love.

In love!

Adore these pillowcases! Absolutely massive, so won’t have any trouble fitting any sized pillow, and so soft to touch. Wish I’d gotten them earlier, they’re helping my curls hold their shape. Particularly good if you have shorter hair and the turban isn’t working for you.

Laura Tulip
So pretty, so silky

Absolutely love my pillowcases from damn Gina! I bought two for myself and two for a friend who loves them also. Love the colour, how cool it is on my skin when I turn the pillow over, how it doesn't tug my hair. Definitely would recommend!

Claire Alcorn
Wish I’d got one earlier!

Have put off getting a silk pillowcase case to help my curly (frizzy hair) but finally took the chance and got one. No regrets! So worth it. Very happy with the effect, much less frizz. Wish I’d committed to the purchase years ago.

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